Virgins of Bali

Another great exploitation poster using Bali natives as an excuse to see nudity. That’s how they did it back in the day…

Virgins of Bali 1sht PMad


French Follies Window Card

A nice window card for French Follies. I have not seen this image before. Unfortunately the seller wants more than $600 for it.

French Follies WC PMad

Sinful Souls

I was crushed this week when I lost out on a 1 sheet for the classic exploitation film, “Sinful Souls”. Someone ran me up to $385 before I bailed out. I can’t believe how much these posters have gone up in value. I passed this poster 10 years ago for under $100.


The 3 sheet version also escaped me back in 2005. It was complete, which you usually only see the top 2/3. It went for more than $650, but that was not unexpected.